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15.1/15.1a? Come on in…. Otherwise, get strong grip and core.

Friday night Fights! #crossfit #theopen #workout #fitness

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You can come in and do 15.1/15.1a during either class if you like.

If you’ve already done it, or don’t care to:

5 Rounds of 3 reps each:

  • KB clean and strict press + Pause Front Squat 3R/3L
    • Clean the KB, Press, Squat, Clean, Press, Squat, Clean Press Squat all with R side, then switch hands. Slow and controlled; maximum tension.
  • Strict 3-count KB renegade push up; keep core tight, as little extra movement as possible.
  • Strict straight leg raise on rig (go as high as possible, pause a second, then descend slowly)
  • TGUs


5 min AMRAP Russian KB Swing 35/35



Tabata work!

Skills and Drills


4 x 1000 meter run……….. 1/1 rest


Darryl and Phil Kerr are going head-to-head at 7:45pm, come join us to watch and cheer! This is the only workout we will do tomorrow so be prepared for a focused warm-up and some strategy tips going into this workout. #Boom

There is a scaled version of the workout so it will be accessible to all!

Diamond ring for sale: $400 OBO, comment below if interested.


Workout 15.1

9-minute AMRAP:

  • 15 toes-to-bars
  • 10 deadlifts
  • 5 snatches  
  • (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)

Workout 15.1a

1-rep-max clean and jerk

  6-minute time cap



We will have a viewing party TONIGHT once it’s announced at 8pm. Also, don’t forget that tomorrow (Friday) we will be having a head-to-head match up for all to view and then celebrate after week 1, BYOB and then we will head over to BH for dinner. Comment below to let me know who you’d like to see go head-to-head. And if your number is called, don’t you dare back down.

1a) 4×0:20 Seated Pike Stretch
photo 3 copy

Static Shaping
1b) 4 Attempts at Max Effort L-Sit on Parallettes (can sub in boxes, dumbbells, etc. just get your bunzz off the ground.)

Handstand Work
1c) 3×0:40 30 Degree Handstand Hold
photo 1-2

Skills and Drills
1d) Pull-Up Levers, 4×3 to Horizontal with Perfect form and flat hips. You can substitute assisted strict pull ups here, and if you do, do 5-8 assisted pull ups.

From OLC: “I mentioned one month ago that I started working on ways to implement “gymnastics kips” on the bar and rings into training in order to help CrossFit athletes get a better understanding of what a kip actually is (hint its not all about thrusting your hips as hard as you can into the air) and this is what I started to come up with this weekend, but do them slow and controlled.”

“My thinking is that if we start to work on the bare bones of this movement and a glide kip on bars understanding where the momentum should come from on pull-ups, chest to bar, muscle-ups and ring muscle-ups will become more clear.”

So let’s add on:
1e) 4×0:30 Upside Down hollow body hold


14 min AMRAP:

  • 50 KB Swings (53/35)
  • 50 OHS w/ PVC
  • 50 alt knees to elbows laying down (the slower the better, control the movement)

Not scored, move perfectly, then stretch the abs afterward.


For those interested, we will be gathering Thursday night at the box to watch the live announcement of the first Open workout. Friday will be our day to do the Open WOD, and we will have two athletes go head-to-head Friday evening in front of anyone who cares to join! All are invited! We can then plan to either just hang out there afterward or cruise over to BH, whatever y’all are up for.


Every 2:00 for 8:00 (5 total sets)-

3 UB T&G Clean & Jerks (full – from floor) – @ 70% of 3rm


4 rounds starting every 4 minutes (0:00/4:00/8:00/12:00):

6 Power Snatches 135/95#
12 TTB
18 Wall Balls 20/14#




1a)  4 x 5 Front Squat @60% of 5 rep max

1b)  4 x 5 max effort L sit or hanging L sit

Skills and Drills


5 x 4 min / 1 min easy

Row five 4 minute pieces. Row for one minute at light pressure between each piece.






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*Sequence ends on 5th set of BS.

1a) Back Squat (based on 1rm squat): 5×3@80% – rest exactly 90 seconds

1b) 4X10 Strict HSPU – rest exactly 90 seconds


At a conversational pace or 150BPM (work hard, but maintain an exertion level that would allow you to carry on a conversation without breathing hard)-

5 rounds of (25 min time cap):

Row 50 Calories
15 Push Jerks 95/63 (work on form and efficiency)
7/5 Muscle-Ups (partner can assist or you can do 7/5 dips)


Deload week!

Stay tuned for more info on our Friday Night Fights. Join us this Friday evening to watch two athletes go head-to-head.

Our schedule will be formulated to maximize performance on Friday. We will be working different skills that are likely to come up during the Open. Weights should also be lighter during strength portions.


1a) 4×8 Overhead Squats. Do not go to failure. We will work up in weight, but you should feel warmed up and not overly fatigued after doing these.

1b) 4×8 strict pull ups


Tabata Double Under


5  Rounds of

  • :45 Figure 8 outside KB swing
  • :45 Alt KB Snatch
  • :45 Swing to squat
  • :45 rest



Great show of heart. Thrive Throwdown. Great support from the community. #love #infiltrate #boom #crossfit #fitness #workout

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What great work by team Infiltrate. I believe they got 6th place overall and did great amongst the competition.

It was also very nice to see all of the support from everyone who came out to cheer! Very proud of everyone.

If anyone is interested in playing a board game today from 1-3, I’ve got one. It will take about an hour and a half.

Today we have Open gym from 1-3 and you can also get weighed and measured. Yoga is cancelled tonight. Have a great Sunday.

Thrive Competition!

Open Gym is cancelled in the morning because of the competition at Thrive. Come on up to support our team!


1a) 5×5 Bench Press

1b) 4×12 heavy Russian Swings


8 min AMRAP:

  • 8 Shoulder to overhead 95/63
  • 8 Air Squats
  • 8 Sit Ups



We’ve got a group (Darryl, Eileen Bergin, Courtney, and Gregg on one team and Sabrina on another team) competing at CrossFit Thrive. If you can make it up to show some support, that would be great!


Paused Front Squat (3 count pause in rock bottom) + Jerk: 1×3+1@85%, 3×3+1@90%, 1×3+1@85% (Based on 1RM Clean)




  • Deadlifts
  • Handstand Push Ups