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If you pre-ordered a tank top, make sure you pick it up!  There’s a box buy the door with the labeled tanks with names.  If you didn’t pre-order one and you’d like one, let us know!  We have some extras available (limited sizes) for $25.00.

5 x 3 deadlift


Buy In: 500 M Row

3 rounds:

30 wall balls

30 jumping lunges

Buy Out: 500 M Row



Sweatshirts and SSST

Alright. It’s time to get these sweatshirts! I just needed to make sure that we could at least 12 shirts ordered because that’s the minimum for the screen printer. Here’s a list of people who are interested:

Zane, Jacob M, Carla, Courtney, Amy M, Katie, Stephen and Emily, Ashley, Darryl, Bryan, Pete, Gus, Eileen B, Jared, and Zane again.

There is no wholesale, but they do have this policy: Tell a friend about American Giant- they get 15% off, and you get $15 of credit when they purchase.

Now, I’m not sure the best way to go about this. If you’re referred, you get 15% off, then the person who referred gets a $15 credit once the one referred purchases something. I could just refer everyone and you would get 15% off, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to let everyone in on getting the credit as well. Maybe we could all refer each other, but then it would get complicated with timing for the purchases because you only get the credit once the person you referred purchases.

You can get either the classic (which is heavy enough for winter) or you can get the lightweight depending on your needs. Once everyone orders and makes sure the size is right, we’ll put them together to get printed which should be less than $10, so you’ll end up getting the sweatshirt for less than the original cost.

After I talk this through with you guys either by comment or in person on Tuesday, we’ll have a plan set to order by Wednesday!


Accumulate 50 Turkish Get Ups


Secret Service Snatch test

10 min KB Snatch Test 53/35

Here’s some notes from RKC:

For those who have done it and are contemplating doing it again, it can evoke feelings of dread. For those who have not tried it, it is a curiosity, and perhaps a perceived measure of their kettlebell (kb) manliness. What is it? It is the Secret Service Snatch Test and it is not for the faint-of-heart.

With its origins in the prestigious U.S. Secret Service selection process, the rules are simple. You must do as many repetitions of the kettlebell snatch as possible in ten minutes. Using the 24kg kettlebell (ladies, use the 12kg), you may switch hands whenever you’d like and you may even set the bell down (so you can toss your cookies). Final count is total sum of snatches, period. The only unspoken rule is that you will not quit. Got a blister, tough, use the other hand for the remaining time. Tear a callous, tough it out. Don’t even think about stopping when the phone rings. You can rest the kb on the deck to keep a lung down, but it’d better be moving when the timer sounds.


Great work Becca and Amy! First place! Nice Tank Tops!wp_ss_20151025_0001
5 x 3 Front Squat @ 70%…first one paused
800 m run
70 Double Under
60 Sit-Up
50 Air Squat
40 Push up
30 Pull up
20 Burpee
10 Handstand push up


What a great rain Saturday!

I was thinking about going paintballing next weekend if anybody is up for it! For real.

David Wrighton goes down as the bravest man on the field. Despite having all the odds against him, no chance of even coming remotely close to winning, being surrounded, and having his entire team wimp out and surrender, he literally stood with no cover and fought…..and lost…. but stood and fought.

Thanks for showing up! I hope you had a blast! I can’t stop smiling thinking about all the stories. A lot left early in the day, but some of us played until the bitter end (all the people who rode with me!). Hope nobody got too hurt, but hey, that’s actually part of the fun. If there’s no risk in getting hit, where’s the excitement?

You’ll all also be happy to know that we managed some great teamwork against another team on the brig. Smoke screens and aggression won the day with a sprint toward the high ground. Man that was fun.

We find ourselves at the last week of our first 4-weeks of our current strength cycle this week, but expect some mobility work and meditation throughout the week this week.


Saturday we will meet at the gym for 11am class, then head over to Indy Battleground paintball. Class will be light with a focus on waking up and stretch out with a bit of teamwork involved, and maybe an army crawl. Yes, rain or shine.


20 min AMRAP:

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

I have 3 American-Giant Sweatshirts. I love them. I am not a paid advertiser. Reason I say this is because if we can get 12 or more people to buy, we can get them screen printed for cheap. I don’t like to make money folks, I just love quality clothing! Soooo, if you want a CrossFit Infiltrate hoodie that acts like a winter coat in the bitter cold but is still wearable in fall/spring weather, let’s get it together quick. Keep in mind, AG has free returns any time for any reason so you know it’s quality for life, not just a season.

Check it out:

American Giant: WHY WE’RE HERE

How It's Made

The apparel business is broken. Traditional apparel companies invest far more in distribution, real estate and marketing than in the product itself. To cut cost they manufacture off shore, and make products as cheaply as possible. At American Giant we invest in what matters to us and to our customers: high quality product, American manufacturing and exceptional service, and strip away everything else.

The dirty secret

Up to 80% of what you pay traditional retailers has nothing to do with the production of the garment.


Brick-and-mortar retail stores are expensive. Real estate, manpower and complex distribution are costs that distract from making quality product. We eliminate stores altogether and sell directly to our customers online.


The pressure to attract consumers leaves most apparel businesses with bloated marketing budgets. We have a different approach. Instead of investing in billboards and commercials, we invest in quality product and great service with the hope that our customers will become our advocates. We’ve found that if we can exceed customers’ expectations, they want to share and spread the word for us.

How It's Made

Invest in what matters

The savings we get from cutting store and marketing costs, we redeploy into producing great product in the USA.

Read more How it’s made


Paintball Rain or Shine. Don’t be like that!


20 min EMOM:

Odd: 2/1 M/F Rope Climbs
Even: 150 m run


Partner WOD:
12 min AMPRAP

1 person working at at a time except for the run

290 m Run
50 wall balls 20/14
50 KB snatches 53/35
50 box jump overs 24/20
25 wall climbs
50 box jump overs
50 KB snatches
50 wall balls