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Tough week so far….

24 min AMRAP:
Row 500
rest :30 seconds
:30 second handstand hold
rest :30 seconds
:30 second forarm plank R side
rest :30 seconds
:30 second bottom of squat hold (active position; use upright if needed)
rest :30 seconds

Rx + is cutting rest down to :15 seconds, but please don’t do this if you have bad position on the static holds.

Upcoming Dates

Several dates coming up:

July 4th: Open Gym 1-3

July 7th: special Go Ruck workout from 6pm-7:30 (see more details below under Sept 9th date)

July 11th: WODdoc

WODdoc is coming to town on his road to Carson, and you will not want to miss your opportunity to get a ton of great data and feedback. During the road trip WODdoc is stopping at a different box each day presenting a shoulder workshop and collecting data on his Pull-up project. What is WODdoc’s Pull-up Project? It’s a research project where we use a specialize rig to measure the weight generated during the kipping pull-up. Why is this important? Understanding the amount of weight generated during the kip allows us to create better SAFER protocols. There has never been anything like this done before so the goal is to break new ground on understanding shoulder/pull-up safety! Time is TBD but it will likely be either 5 or 6pm.

August 6th: JJ’s pool party and pitch in!

September 10th: GoRuck Light Challenge. We have a coupon code on the whiteboard to get 25% off. We’re starting to get a good group together for this challenge and it is incredibly fun as Eileen, Ashley, and I did one not long ago.

As mentioned above, we will be hosting our first “Ruck Workout” on July 7th from 6-7:30. All are welcome but you will need a backpack that will hold between 10-30 pounds (weight is up to you). You can use some of our metal plates. And I might have an extra rucksack (backpack) if you don’t have one.


10 min EMOM: 5 double KB clean and press

10 min EMOM: 1 Rope Climb and 10 burpees

10 min EMOM: 10 WB shots and 5 TTB

How are your bunz from yesterday?

400 m walking lunges next to the canal fountain. #ouch #outside #workout #fitness #crossfit #indycanal #indy

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I really want people to have accurate numbers for their squat, press, and deadlift as we will be starting a percentage based cycle next week. So, if you didn’t do CrossFit Total yesterday, Tuesday is the day.

If you did do the Total yesterday, we will do 5×8 double KB floor press and then 400 m walking lunge.

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Kettlebell Club Class at 8am and 7pm.

CrossFit Total: We are going to start a 5-week Wendler cycle next week and we need to get legitimate numbers for back squat, press, and deadlift. We did this not long ago, but I want new numbers for everyone so Monday and Tuesday will be CrossFit total. If you come both Monday and Tuesday, we’ll have something different for you on Tuesday. Please try to come one of these days!


Kettlebell Class in the Evenings

Monday at 8am and now also at 7pm we will have KB class. We will add more if need arises (enough people participate). See you then!

Saturday workout:

Partner WOD:

14 min AMRAP:

  • 20 partner wall ball sit ups (10 each, pass ball back and forth)
  • 20 parter burpees over forearm plank (10 in a row then switch)
  • 20 parter alt pistols (each partner does 20 but alternate L/R: hold whatever hand is opposite the squatting leg)
  • 20 parter wall ball shots (10 each, pass back and forth)
  • 20 partner wall ball slams (10 each, basically a slam ball with a wall ball but throw it into the ground and then to your partner who is standing a few feet away)

Old School

Mobility Session, then:

21-15-9 reps for time of:
225-lb. deadlifts
135-lb. overhead squats

155/95 for women

only one barbell, and also use clips.

This is a mainsite workout that came up recently. It looked familiar and after clicking back to March 25th, 2011, I came across my old time from metal-weight, CR days: 8:15 RX posted as MoisesDelMar. Hope to see some of you beat it. Back from 2010 I did 13:00 RX. It’s cool to look back and see growth, keep good records so you make decisions on data and not feelings.


7×1 Power Clean (start around 70% and work up to around 90/95%; if you hit a 1RM on 7th set, great!)


6 Rounds:
1 min row for cal
1 min burpees
1 min double unders
1 min rest

score each exercise separately (3 scores)

Pool Party

JJ has offered to host a pool party on Saturday August 6th.

We’ll have more details later, but thought we’d let you know so you can add it to your calendar.


5 sets of 10 KB Goblet Squats + 20 KB Sumo deadlifts


4 Rounds:
30 KB SDHP 53/35
30 Sit Ups
30 Russian Swings 53/35


Great work to our team and all who supported!

16 min AMRAP:

buy in 3/4 mile run
10 push press 95/65
10 front squats 95/65