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Handstand Clinic

This is our last week for the April Autism Challenge, which as you know is a max freestanding handstand hold. Due to this, FORM class will consist of a handstand clinic. We will spend some time getting inverted Tuesday night at 6PM. Whether you’ve never been able to successfully kick up on your hands or you can walk up stairs and do tricks like Nick, we will have drills to get you more skills. So if you want to be able to enter your best time in the drawing to win the grand prize of personal training and nutrition consultation (over an $80 value), make time in your schedule to come to FORM. Remember, it’s only $1 to enter the drawing and all money goes to a local school that educates children on the Autism Spectrum. Donations are also welcome.

Also, get three of your fittest friends together and register for the Canal Challenge for Autism on May 13th. Artie’s Paleo on the Go will be serving up some food and the grand prize will contain a 30 minute appointment to Myo-Fit for each member of the winning team!


2 Events Coming Up!

Griffin has been organizing a competition to raise awareness and funds for Autism treatment. We are proud to help sponsor this event; see more details at the bottom! Part of what makes us sleep good at night is that much of what we do is to benefit those around us. Take the latest #CleanCityProject for example. People’s lives are being changed AND we’re helping the community and environment around us!

GORUCK is an incredible company with incredible goals. We are more than happy to partner with them in order to help veterans and encourage ordinary people like me to get out and explore the world around us. We are an official GORUCK Firebase and so get discounts on events (see below). We have two coming up this next weekend!

The Tough, is the Original Challenge. Eileen did The Tough with me, and though she said she’d never do it again, she also said that she was glad she did it. Word to the wise. We spent (what I consider to be the 2 of the most cosiest hours of my life) with our faces in the mud during a sever thunder storm. Being subject to mother nature, and having her as your supreme boss seems to settle my soul. The Light is short not easy. I’ve done a couple of these, and have absolutely loved them. Coupon Code: INFILTRATE25 will get you, you guessed it, 25% off!

We had a crash in our neighborhood this past weekend. The 17-year-old older brother of a couple kids we meet with regularly was killed in a crash this week. Another 17-year-old girl was killed while one boy (16) was, and still is, in a coma. Michael Blackmore, the other boy involved in the crash is undergoing heart surgery and breathing treatment. Over the last few days as we’ve spent time in the hospital and spoken with the broken families surrounding this event, we must reiterate to you to make the most of the time you have.

I know for a fact that many of you have had your own experiences in life which make you cherish each moment, so do it. And know that time spent at Infiltrate is spent with people who understand and appreciate this perspective.  This brings us back to our competition coming up!


Canal Challenge

Canal Challenge for Autism!

CrossFit Infiltrate will be hosting the Canal Challenge for Autism, a team competition raising money for Independence Academy of Indiana, a local organization that provides education for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A maximum of 8 teams, consisting of 2 males and 2 females, will compete in at least 3 workouts, with a final for the top 3 teams.


Artie’s Pop Up Dinner!

Here we go again! Get ready to join us for a third evening of great food and great company… our Pop Up Dinner 3.0 is the place to be of you want to experience something different in Indy. 

Who- you and anyone you know.

What- APOTG 3rd Pop Up Dinner (3.0)

When- Friday April 28th from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where- Indy’s Kitchen 2442 Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Why- To show you why we are so much more that just a meal prep company. Artie and a sous chef will be on hand to prepare an amazing four-course menu. 


Q: What can we expect with the menu? 

A: The menu is a preplanned and there are 4 courses. There is a salad, and appetizer, an entree and a dessert. Everyone is served the exact same thing at the exact same time. We kindly ask for no substitutions. 

Q: How do I reserve my seats? 

A: The tickets are 50 (plus tax) per person. There is a strict limit of 30 seats and all previous events have sold out. In order to reserve your seats, you must send an email to Please stare how many tickets you’d like and we will follow up with an online invoice from Square. Once your invoice is paid you are good to go and your seats are guaranteed. 

Q: What is the dress code? 

A: We suggest business casual attire. The menu theme for this event will be South Beach inspired so feel free to come in your best Miami Vice outfit

Athlete of the Quarter: JEFF SIKES

Help spread the positivity by sharing this inspirational story in the first edition of Athlete of the Quarter.

This is just another reminder that our new schedule begins this week. Besides the elimination of the 7am class, all of the changes revolve around the afternoon classes. The afternoons will look as follows:

Regular class times Monday-Friday:
4pm Express
4:50 Class
5:55 Class
7:00 Class (except on Friday)

Oly will still be held on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm and FORM will be on Tuesday at 6pm.

We hope these changes will help everyone fit classes into their schedule better and allow you to try out Oly, FORM, Jiu Jitsu, or even a new Yoga class that is possibly in the works.

Lastly, the gym will be closed this Sunday for Easter.

New Schedule

Our new schedule based on attendance trends will be slightly modified and expanded. The biggest difference is that we will add a 7pm class while eliminating the 7am class. We will also be having regular classes throughout Thursday where before there was not a regular CrossFit class at 6 or 7pm.

We are also altering the timing of evening classes just slightly. This will allow a 5 minute overlap between classes. This will allow you to more easily catch up with your friends between classes, and will allow for a better transition. In order to accommodate this, the times have been slightly changed: 4pm Express, then class at 4:50, 5:55, and 7pm. More and later evening options will give you added flexibility with your schedule.

FORM will be moving to Tuesday at 6pm in order to accommodate the Regular Class Thursday at 6pm. This means, Mon-Wednesday, you have an alternative to Regular class at 6pm in the form of FORM and Oly and Strength classes. We absolutely encourage the taking of these classes in order to become more well-rounded as an individual.

Obviously, changes aren’t going to be best for everyone, but it is our effort to best serve our client base. If this schedule change is an issue with your schedule, let’s talk it out and see if there’s not a solution. Ideally, we will have a 5:50/6:30 or 5:45/6:45 morning class options, but that won’t make fiscal sense until we consistently need it.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The schedule is updated in Mindbody.

#CleanCityProject, Double Unders, and April Autism Awareness Challenge

This Saturday, April 8th will be our Clean City Project. Come workout, then hang around to carpool over to the White River and make a positive impact on the community. We will head out at 11:30 and start cleaning at noon!

March Madness is over and so is our double under challenge. It was a close battle until one person put up a tremendous score that proved to be insurmountable. Congratulations to…(drumroll please)…Coach Zane with 257 unbroken double unders. Boom.

The challenge for the month of April will be somewhat special. I (Griffin) have noticed that the coaches have swept in to steal the trophies for the monthly challenges the past two months. Therefore, April will be different. April is Autism Awareness month and for those of you that don’t know, my little brother has a mild form of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Therefore, this is something that I try to be active about. Every year I organize an event to raise money for a local organization that works with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This year, CrossFit Infiltrate will be hosting a team competition to raise money. More info about the event will be revealed later this week. In addition to the team competition, April’s challenge will attempt to contribute to the donation. The challenge is max time in a freestanding handstand. However, you have to enter your time into a drawing to be eligible to win a prize. You will have an unlimited number of attempts, but each entry will cost $1. All of the money raised will be added to the donation towards Independence Academy of Indiana. At the end of the month, 5 entries will be drawn and ordered according to their time. The top three entries will win prizes, as described below:
1st Place- Personal Training Session with Griffin, Nutrition Consult with Griffin, FitAid, RxBar
2nd Place- Personal Training Session with Jared, FitAid, RxBar
3rd Place- FitAid, RxBar

Let’s all work to improve our fitness and stand (on our hands) for our community.