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MURPH and 6-week challenge!

Murph is happening Monday at 11am! Doors will close down around 12:45 so show up promptly to warm up and get going! Memorial Day is a solemn Federal holiday instituted for the remembrance of those who have died in military service fighting for the freedoms we often take for granted. Our country may not be perfect, but this takes nothing away from those lost fighting for it, fighting for us.

We are running a 6-week challenge that begins this week. If you see some new folks around, be sure to be welcoming and introduce yourselves as you all remember how it can be difficult entering into a new and possibly intimidating situation. Thanks and have a great holiday.

Female self defense

Self-Defense Seminar

We are extremely encouraged to offer this incredibly beneficial seminar. Most people will wait until the end to tell you the price, but because we believe this is such a necessary service to the community and incredible deal, we are offering this 5-hour seminar to the first 30 people to sign up for only $65. This will pay for itself in the first hour with increased self-confidence.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. We’ve all heard this before, but what about potentially threatening situations? Our goal is to make you more comfortable in this sort of environment. We want to help develop self-confidence enabling you to react more appropriately when facing potentially dangerous situations. You will learn effecient ways of preventing and protecting yourself from various forms of physical assault.

Even if you can’t fight off an attacker, the ability to prolong the incident greatly increases your chances of receiving help. Confidence is often more than half the battle, and with the tools you’ll recieve during this seminar, you will be much tougher. We have been programmed with a fight-or-flight response, and we’ll teach you how to harness these programmed insctincts properly. You can train your reactions. We will cover the four most common and far reaching scenarios listed at the bottom of this description.

Your instructor has a long history in the MMA world. Jacob has been fighting for over ten years under the most prestigious MMA line in the world. At Jackson’s Team 4 Corners, he was a profesional fighter with 18 fights and numerous amatuer bouts. He also taught the kickboxing program at American Top Team Indy and was the fight team captain and secondary coach while there. He also led the kids program at T4C.


Since being at Infiltrate over the past 6 months, he has developed several beginners into absolute beasts. The extrememly fast development of multiple tournament champions is attributed to his ability to relay information in a clear and concise way.

Bring a lunch, or grab something nearby as we’ll have a 30 min break between two, 2:15 hour sessions. We’ll have food recommendations for you at the seminar and some food for purchase on site as well.


- How to prevent attacks by using situational awareness as well as making yourself a “hard target.” Preventing an attack is always the best option. You can’t prepare for everything, but understanding the basics will give you a foundation from which to work.

-How to use things like your own clothing to break free from an attacker who grabs you without warning or even turn your clothing or other common items into offensive weapons.

- How to avoid being taken to the ground by blocking and responding to strikes. Understanding stance, leverage, balance, and framing is critical to responding to the initial attack.

-Since the majority of altercations end up on the ground, we will teach you how to fight dirty, stand up under pressure, and retreat from sexual assault scenarios. You will learn how to use the basic tenants of jiu-jitsu and striking defense in order to have a plan if you do hit the ground. This is useful for escaping an attacker if he is pinning you to the ground.


Yoga is back!!

Jared: In my own personal fitness journey (which is certainly always constant yet evolving), stretching and breathing have been a major focus to help not only with overall well-being especially in regards to pain-management, but also in applications such as stress relief and mental preparation for the extremely demanding sport of submission grappling. I for one am very excited  to attend Becca’s class! You’ll be amazed at what freeing up restrictions in your body will do, but you may be even more amazed if you begin freeing up mental and emotional restrictions as well. Sign up today!

Here’s a note from Becca: Did you know yoga can help you be a better athlete? Yoga is back on Mondays at 7pm starting next week! Come learn about how yoga can help you mentally and physically. Taught by our very own yogi, Becca P. See you on the mat!


The Greatest Month in Racing and New Services

As most of you know, May is the greatest month in racing. Therefore our challenge for the month of May will be a race. Each week we will do a 400 meter time trial. I (Griffin) have a lot of memories with the 400m dash as it was my event when I ran track. Both the 400m and 800m distances are special in that they aren’t an all out sprint, but they’re too short to be considered an endurance event. Therefore, it is on the competitor to determine how they attack the race. In a quick side note, I really ran the 400m hurdles which in my opinion is one of the worst (but best for you) events. Feel free to set up some obstacles to jump over while you do your time trial! ;)

In other news, we are making some new services available to members as add-on options. I will now be providing personal coaching and/or nutrition services for those that are interested. There will be different packages and options for you to choose from. If you would like to learn more or set up a meeting, e-mail me at Stay tuned for more information.

April Showers Bring May Flowers


That awkward moment when its May and it’s still raining…(-_-)

Anyway, the time has come to announce the winners for the April Autism Awareness Challenge. First of all, let me thank you all for participating. We raised a total of $92 from this challenge alone. This money will be added to that raised during the Canal Challenge for Autism on May 13th. If you wanted to donate and didn’t get the chance to, either register a team for the event or come and cheer on those competing. Artie’s Paleo On the Go will be on site serving up food.

Ok, now down to business. The entries were mixed up thoroughly and five were blindly pulled out. These five were then sorted according to their times. The winners and their prizes are listed below:

1st- Nick Sullivan (1:15!) Personal training session and nutrition consult with Griffin, Rx Bar, FitAid

2nd- Marvin Bob Riley (:26) Personal training session with Jared, Rx Bar, FitAid

3rd- Jacob Mikolajczyk (:12) Rx Bar, FitAid

4th- Johnnie Martin (:08)

5th- Megan Thomas (:04)

Jared: So cool to watch so many people improve on their handstands. We even had 3 people that I know of that got their very first kick up! Awesome work people!