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The Open

What is The CrossFit Open?

1.) The Open is the first stage of a world-wide fitness competition.  For those who see CrossFit as a sport, The Open is the first of three stages to prove you are the “Fittest on Earth”.  The Open is a five week competition open to anyone; each week one workout is released on Thursday night at 8PM.  Hundreds of thousands of people will perform this workout between Thursday and Monday at 8PM when scores must be submitted. For the top 20 men, women, and teams in each region, Regionals are the next stage.  After the Regionals weekend, the top athletes from each region continue on to the CrossFit Games. 

There is no hiding: it is the first opportunity you have during the CrossFit season to “Prove Your Fitness.” If you plan to go to Regionals, make sure you video every rep of every workout because this is now legit folks. You will also get a real sense of how good some of those top athletes are. You will actually be competing against the best in the world. Girls, you’ll be going up against Tia-Clair Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Camille. Men, you will go head-to-head with Matt Fraser, Rich Froning, and Ben Smith. I am now more appreciative of their greatness.

To register for the Open and see your scores up against the greatest in the world, as well as, fellow athletes at Crossfit Infiltrate go to:

2.) The Open is an opportunity to be vulnerable, face your fears, and compete at whatever level. Every Open workout has an RX and Scaled division, so wherever you are at on your CrossFit journey, the Open is accessible. I competed in my very first CrossFit Open in a country that did not have one single CrossFit Affiliate period. Yes, I had to travel 4 hours at certain points to find equipment just to do the workout, but it was accessible. It was and is certainly more accessible than any other sporting event out there. 

Just because I don’t plan on winning any foot races doesn’t mean I don’t sign up for the occasional race to run with a friend, push myself a bit, and enjoy the community that surrounds me. And so The Open is for many. It’s a great time to get together, push yourself just a little harder with a little more focus.

Ultimately we do CrossFit because we get something out of it. Though the “it” may vary from person to person, we all appreciate overcoming difficulty and coming out stronger on the other side. We persevere through the difficulty of the workout, and this is enhanced during an Open workout.

And though people will take these workouts at different levels of seriousness, we will, at least at some point, find ourselves at that vulnerable point where that destructive voice will pop into our head, the voice that says to give up, to take it easy, to give into the pain. But with that voice comes a choice, and we resolve to conquer. Many will set new PRs, whether it comes by hitting your first toe-to-bar or by scoring a top-100 score in the world, we all share in the victory as a team.

3.) The Open is a team event which galvanizes a community by creating and deepening real relationships. We suffer together and we share in victory together. We cheer one another on. We care about others. Something special happens when you suffer with someone (just ask my wife). Something real happens when you receive encouragement. Many of our limitations are self-imposed, and through genuine encouragement, we are able to break free of some of those limitations. You are capable of more than you believe, others see it, now go do it.

Of course you will be nervous, but as it has been said, courage is not the absence of fear, but the resolve to not be bound by it. I would often not sleep the night before I attempted an Open WOD, and in a weird way, I enjoyed the ride. It is a fun venture. Sure there may be a disappointment here or there, but overall, it is good. It will bring us together.

Stay tuned for more details about The Open! T-minus 10 Days!


New Year!

Don’t you just love the New Year? It’s like a breath of fresh air. New starts, new healthy habits, positive changes, etc.  I’m excited to learn more about the challenge Jared has coming our way.  

The yogis are big fans of bettering yourself both physically and mentally.  Last summer, we studied the Yamas and Niyamas to improve our well-being. I think the New Year is a good time to bring that up again.  While making changes to improve our health is important, it’s also important not to get resolutioned away. Don’t let the New Year and the pressure of resolutions convince you that your life is inadequate as it is right now.  

Here’s some signs that New Years Resolutions may be affecting you in a negative way:

1. You say things aloud or in your head like “I’ll be happier when ____ happens.” 
2.  You see  that someone else made a list of 10-12 resolutions and think “I should make more changes.”
3.  You see someone else’s resolutions and thought “Oh crap, if Mark wants to learn to do bar muscle ups, maybe I should be learning to do bar muscle ups.” 
4.  You thought “Oh, I need to come up with a really cool impressive resolution so everyone knows I’m working hard.”

Do what’s right for you.  Make goals that are what you want, not what you think is expected of you. And above all-practice gratitude.  Be grateful for what you have while working for what you want.

NEXT WEEK ONLY: Yoga will be Wednesday at 7pm rather than Monday. Sorry, I have a really cool opportunity I hope to share with you all soon!


Yogi Becca

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.24.56 AM


We have something pretty incredible happening here at CrossFit Infiltrate. Two of your coaches are going to California to compete in the Anaheim Convention Center this December. But what’s more incredible is that they are for separate sports and are one weekend apart. Griffin has qualified for the 2017 American Open in Olympic Weightlifting, and Jared will be competing in the IBJJF NoGi World Finals.

Briefly, check the gym whiteboard for our Halloween Instagram Challenge. Tag @crossfit_infiltrate on Instagram with a picture or video of you working out on Halloween at the gym with your costume. We will vote on a winner which will receive a free 60 minute float at A Place to Float.

Weightlifting is an extreme focus on a specific movement. All training comes down to your lifts on the platform. It’s just you and the barbell in front of the spectators. Weightlifting is arguably the most important aspect of competitive CrossFit as well, and understanding and developing the olympic lifts is one of the best ways to simultaneously develop balance, strength, speed, power, agility, flexibitliy, coordination, accuracy, and stamina.

In jiujitsu, the variables are limitless. It’s two people head-to-head with each  match having one winner and one loser. With so many strategies, techniques, game plans, skills, and abilities, it truly is one of the best expressions of humanity in movement, sport, and/or combat. In a way, it is more a battle within than it is against your opponent. A little known fact is that the very first CrossFit gym was in the back of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. Now it seems it comes full circle.

Considering Griffin’s status as a student, we’d like to do a burpee fund raiser in order to help him with plane tickets. It’s been good to see’s Griffin’s focus on the fundamentals such as flexibility and balance pay off when lifting larger loads. It’s been neat to see his open approach to things like cold exposure and the utilization of advanced breathing techniques to help not only performance but also overall well-being. We agree with Rickson about the importance of breathing which I’ve bookmarked below in the video. His cold water therapy can be found later in the same video.

Perspective is first thing I keep in mind when I make goals. If I don’t have a good enough why for doing something, then even in accomplishing such a goal I am left empty. Counting the cost is the second thing I consider. Is it worth the cost? Once those are set, the actions will line up. I have started my macros diet with Macros Lab and will be accountable. What goals do you have for the end of the year?

Thoughts on Friday’s Events

We’ve had some time to get more facts and process the brutal attack which happened just above us. I’ve been able to see the many ways people react to this sort of thing. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Carina, though we admit this is a small gesture.

Before I jump to my typical judgments, I pause. “You have heard it was said to the ancients, ‘Do not murder,’ and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.” Who knows what atrocities, if any, the assailant went through as a child. I spent many years in a counseling role, and if there’s one thing I learned is that some  people have to deal with incredible trauma. While not undermining anyone else’s struggles, and at the same time not alleviating the individual of responsibility, I know that some people have the cards stacked against them much more than others. In no way at all do I want to minimize this crime. I just don’t want to be too quick to point the finger.

I must ask myself if in my heart whether or not I have brought strife into the lives of another. Am I not equally as guilty on some level though maybe in varying degree? Do I get to draw my own line of moral codes to suit me and make me feel better about myself when I compare myself to others? Do we sometimes bend our own code (standards) in order to appear better, or faster, or stronger than others? I can be quick to judge others, but I should be careful knowing I am often more susceptible than I think to similar attitudes.

We still don’t have all the details, but most are being brought to the light. There is still a boyfriend in the picture that we haven’t heard from, and I’m not sure the family has spoken or reached out.

We see blatently that evil does exist. “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” She let the perpetrator in, doing something she believed to be good in her heart. She had a trusting and hopeful personality, and we do not blame her for that. At the same time, not learning a lesson from life’s greatest teacher experience, leaves us incomplete and susceptible to repeating a possible mistake. After letting the would-be attacker in, she then turned her back on him to continue working out. He was not wearing workout clothes, it was 2:30 in the morning, and she was alone. I don’t want to belabor the point, but there is plenty to be learned here.

Even though we are probably more safe in the building now than we were before, we may no longer feel safe. We often make decisions based on feelings, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself. “I’ve got my mind made up! Don’t confuse me with the facts!” So we ask if there’s anything we can do to help. So much of self defense is awareness, presence, composure, and assertiveness. At some level, we teach these in the gym: be aware of your surroundings, control your area, focus under pressure, etc.

To help in maybe a more specific way, we will be working with the building in order to be able to provide a self defense seminar in the near future for residents and maybe neighbors. The building will also be looking at how they can increase security. For the time being, a police officer has been assigned to our building through the nights.

The opposite of taking another’s life is the laying down of your own life for your friend, family, or neighbor. Though we are often quick to separate ourselves from the lot of murders, do we lay down our life (not necessarily in a literal sense) for those around us, or are we content to simply not take the life of others while still living selfishly?


“Baseline Challenge” and Floating

The results are in, and we have a winner! Drumroll…. Brooks Platt with a blazing 3:35 Baseline score winning himself 60 minutes of sensory deprivation in a float tank at A Place to Float nearby! There are definitely some lessons learned as we had 4 total attempts, all close.

I learned a very difficult but important lesson during the 2012 Regionals when I watched our team slip several places because of something like 70 “no-reps” on a single workout. With all the cussing, blaming-the-judge, and disappointment, there was a lesson. Don’t give any one, any judge, but especially yourself, don’t give anyone a reason to second guess your work.

Those “no-reps” revealed the way we had been training. This is not to take anything away from us, we were good athletes, we were in really good shape, but some of our reps were not up to standard and therefore didn’t count. This is not to take anything away from anyone at this gym either, as improvement is extremely evident in so many and I’m more proud of you than I can express. But that brings us to another point, it’s hard to PR, or even compare your score to a previous one, let alone to another if there aren’t consistent standards. The Open is coming up, and if you’re going to compete and compare your score to somebody in Bangladesh, the standards are even more important otherwise the comparison is apples to oranges.

When we put Rx next to our name, that means that each rep was done to the proper standard. If you miss your target on the wall ball, that rep doesn’t count. If your chest doesn’t touch the ground or you worm up on your push up, that’s fine if scaling, but don’t record an Rx score. If you don’t completely lock out before dropping the bar, or get below parallel, or stand all the way up every time, those reps do not count. Some people fight for a year before proudly writing Rx next to their name, and that Rx means something, let’s not devalue it. 2012 was about the time that I developed the “slow is steady, and steady is fast,” approach to working out, which now carries over to the mat.

This is part of what separates us from the crowd, a willingness to address our weaknesses and not run from them, a willingness to chose a road based on the result not on the ease of the path. Many people when faced with the truth can’t handle the truth, but we are not many people. Keep up the good work, go back to the drawing board if needed, and make a commitment to come back in and train hard.

If you’re interested in learning more about the floats, come talk to me. I have personally done it 3 times recently and will continue to go back. Check out the link to see the many benefits. If you’re interested, CrossFit Infiltrate has a corporate partnership with A Place to Float which will allow members to get $10 off every 60 minute float bringing the cost from $59 to $49. They currently have a promotion where your first float is $45, so if you’re interested and that promo is still available start there!


Check out this fun and local competition!

Hey guys- this is Clara Clemens. I’m hosting a “FrossCit” competition in my garage gym on 8/5 and want you guys to come and compete in it!

FrossCit is a 15 minute event that you can do as an individual or a 2-man team. Basically, there is a list of about 30 exercises worth 3 points each. During the 15 minutes, you can choose to do any of the exercises you want in whatever order to earn the most points possible. You can only repeat an exercise once, and if you do, it’s only worth 1 point. There is a lot of strategy involved, so you’ll want to think about your game plan!

I’m hoping someone can dethrone last year’s champs “Team Sweeties” (Jared and Eileen).  But don’t let them intimidate you – it’s a fun, laid back event for all fitness levels- not just the extreme FrossCitters.

The best part is that it is a fundraiser for a good cause.  The entry fee is $15 and proceeds benefit a church camp that I’ve been a part of my whole life. It’ll help pay for scholarships for kids to go.

There’s a 30 person cap so sign up soon. Should be a fun day together!  See for more info. Thanks!

MURPH and 6-week challenge!

Murph is happening Monday at 11am! Doors will close down around 12:45 so show up promptly to warm up and get going! Memorial Day is a solemn Federal holiday instituted for the remembrance of those who have died in military service fighting for the freedoms we often take for granted. Our country may not be perfect, but this takes nothing away from those lost fighting for it, fighting for us.

We are running a 6-week challenge that begins this week. If you see some new folks around, be sure to be welcoming and introduce yourselves as you all remember how it can be difficult entering into a new and possibly intimidating situation. Thanks and have a great holiday.

Female self defense

Self-Defense Seminar

We are extremely encouraged to offer this incredibly beneficial seminar. Most people will wait until the end to tell you the price, but because we believe this is such a necessary service to the community and incredible deal, we are offering this 5-hour seminar to the first 30 people to sign up for only $65. This will pay for itself in the first hour with increased self-confidence.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. We’ve all heard this before, but what about potentially threatening situations? Our goal is to make you more comfortable in this sort of environment. We want to help develop self-confidence enabling you to react more appropriately when facing potentially dangerous situations. You will learn effecient ways of preventing and protecting yourself from various forms of physical assault.

Even if you can’t fight off an attacker, the ability to prolong the incident greatly increases your chances of receiving help. Confidence is often more than half the battle, and with the tools you’ll recieve during this seminar, you will be much tougher. We have been programmed with a fight-or-flight response, and we’ll teach you how to harness these programmed insctincts properly. You can train your reactions. We will cover the four most common and far reaching scenarios listed at the bottom of this description.

Your instructor has a long history in the MMA world. Jacob has been fighting for over ten years under the most prestigious MMA line in the world. At Jackson’s Team 4 Corners, he was a profesional fighter with 18 fights and numerous amatuer bouts. He also taught the kickboxing program at American Top Team Indy and was the fight team captain and secondary coach while there. He also led the kids program at T4C.


Since being at Infiltrate over the past 6 months, he has developed several beginners into absolute beasts. The extrememly fast development of multiple tournament champions is attributed to his ability to relay information in a clear and concise way.

Bring a lunch, or grab something nearby as we’ll have a 30 min break between two, 2:15 hour sessions. We’ll have food recommendations for you at the seminar and some food for purchase on site as well.


- How to prevent attacks by using situational awareness as well as making yourself a “hard target.” Preventing an attack is always the best option. You can’t prepare for everything, but understanding the basics will give you a foundation from which to work.

-How to use things like your own clothing to break free from an attacker who grabs you without warning or even turn your clothing or other common items into offensive weapons.

- How to avoid being taken to the ground by blocking and responding to strikes. Understanding stance, leverage, balance, and framing is critical to responding to the initial attack.

-Since the majority of altercations end up on the ground, we will teach you how to fight dirty, stand up under pressure, and retreat from sexual assault scenarios. You will learn how to use the basic tenants of jiu-jitsu and striking defense in order to have a plan if you do hit the ground. This is useful for escaping an attacker if he is pinning you to the ground.

2 Events Coming Up!

Griffin has been organizing a competition to raise awareness and funds for Autism treatment. We are proud to help sponsor this event; see more details at the bottom! Part of what makes us sleep good at night is that much of what we do is to benefit those around us. Take the latest #CleanCityProject for example. People’s lives are being changed AND we’re helping the community and environment around us!

GORUCK is an incredible company with incredible goals. We are more than happy to partner with them in order to help veterans and encourage ordinary people like me to get out and explore the world around us. We are an official GORUCK Firebase and so get discounts on events (see below). We have two coming up this next weekend!

The Tough, is the Original Challenge. Eileen did The Tough with me, and though she said she’d never do it again, she also said that she was glad she did it. Word to the wise. We spent (what I consider to be the 2 of the most cosiest hours of my life) with our faces in the mud during a sever thunder storm. Being subject to mother nature, and having her as your supreme boss seems to settle my soul. The Light is short not easy. I’ve done a couple of these, and have absolutely loved them. Coupon Code: INFILTRATE25 will get you, you guessed it, 25% off!

We had a crash in our neighborhood this past weekend. The 17-year-old older brother of a couple kids we meet with regularly was killed in a crash this week. Another 17-year-old girl was killed while one boy (16) was, and still is, in a coma. Michael Blackmore, the other boy involved in the crash is undergoing heart surgery and breathing treatment. Over the last few days as we’ve spent time in the hospital and spoken with the broken families surrounding this event, we must reiterate to you to make the most of the time you have.

I know for a fact that many of you have had your own experiences in life which make you cherish each moment, so do it. And know that time spent at Infiltrate is spent with people who understand and appreciate this perspective.  This brings us back to our competition coming up!