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We have something pretty incredible happening here at CrossFit Infiltrate. Two of your coaches are going to California to compete in the Anaheim Convention Center this December. But what’s more incredible is that they are for separate sports and are one weekend apart. Griffin has qualified for the 2017 American Open in Olympic Weightlifting, and Jared will be competing in the IBJJF NoGi World Finals.

Briefly, check the gym whiteboard for our Halloween Instagram Challenge. Tag @crossfit_infiltrate on Instagram with a picture or video of you working out on Halloween at the gym with your costume. We will vote on a winner which will receive a free 60 minute float at A Place to Float.

Weightlifting is an extreme focus on a specific movement. All training comes down to your lifts on the platform. It’s just you and the barbell in front of the spectators. Weightlifting is arguably the most important aspect of competitive CrossFit as well, and understanding and developing the olympic lifts is one of the best ways to simultaneously develop balance, strength, speed, power, agility, flexibitliy, coordination, accuracy, and stamina.

In jiujitsu, the variables are limitless. It’s two people head-to-head with each  match having one winner and one loser. With so many strategies, techniques, game plans, skills, and abilities, it truly is one of the best expressions of humanity in movement, sport, and/or combat. In a way, it is more a battle within than it is against your opponent. A little known fact is that the very first CrossFit gym was in the back of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. Now it seems it comes full circle.

Considering Griffin’s status as a student, we’d like to do a burpee fund raiser in order to help him with plane tickets. It’s been good to see’s Griffin’s focus on the fundamentals such as flexibility and balance pay off when lifting larger loads. It’s been neat to see his open approach to things like cold exposure and the utilization of advanced breathing techniques to help not only performance but also overall well-being. We agree with Rickson about the importance of breathing which I’ve bookmarked below in the video. His cold water therapy can be found later in the same video.

Perspective is first thing I keep in mind when I make goals. If I don’t have a good enough why for doing something, then even in accomplishing such a goal I am left empty. Counting the cost is the second thing I consider. Is it worth the cost? Once those are set, the actions will line up. I have started my macros diet with Macros Lab and will be accountable. What goals do you have for the end of the year?