Don’t Worry, Be Content

Yogic Principle: Contentment

When _____ happens, then I’ll be happy.

If only I could/had ________, then my life would be better.

Fill in the above blanks with what you think about. You know you’ve done it. When _____ happens, then I’ll be happy (lose weight, gain muscle, get a new job, meet Mr. Right, etc).

CrossFit Style: If only I could_______, then I would a better athlete (do pull-ups, snatch more than X pounds, string together muscle ups, beat Jared at the Fish Game, etc).

Contentment is about being happy where you are, no matter where that is. There’s a Chinese Proverb that says “people in the West are always getting ready.” When we’re in high school we worry about college. When we’re in college we worry about jobs and finding significant others. When we find significant others we worry about babies and houses. Find satisfaction in the now.

CrossFit: Being content isn’t about settling. Just because you can’t do a (insert something here) currently doesn’t mean you should give up and say “Sorry Jared I’m not trying anymore because Becca said to be content.” It’s about finding contentment IN THAT MOMENT…In the moment you realize you can’t do it….In the moment they pop up in The Open…..In the moment you’re in a class surrounded by folks who can do it. Know that you have other things to offer, and be grateful with your progress and your training. Gratitude for what you have is a great way to practice contentment.

Our lives are shaped by “seeking and avoiding.” We seek out things we like and avoid things we dislike. Duh, so basic and yet so true. From food to our career choices, we use a lot of time and energy for this process. The practice of contentment invites us to take life as it comes. This doesn’t mean you should avoid decisions or starting flipping coins. It means to be content in the absence of pleasures and abundance of failures. How do you handle life when it shits on you?

CrossFit: A few years back when we were still posting workouts on the blog, Jared did a week of “surprise workouts.” The intention was so people would stop picking and choosing which workouts they did and which ones they got to avoid. This was also a lesson in contentment. Take life and workouts as they come even if it’s not your forte or something you dislike. A little discomfort is good for you.

Finally, be the boss of your own life and emotions. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “no one makes you feel inferior without your consent.” Boom. Mic drop. If you’ve felt unappreciated, inadequate, left out, or hurt, you’re giving all your power away to the person who acted inappropriately. Emotions may be reactive and difficult to control. Contentment invites us to not dwell on those emotions. Don’t let the rain stop your sunshine.

CrossFit: So you had a bad day. You couldn’t even hit your PR. You were 30 seconds slower than your last time. Don’t dwell. Today’s a great day to keep training. You’ll do better next time.

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