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Friday Night Lights!

Since The Open is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself and cheer on fellow athletes, we have planned an Open season (5 weeks long) starting February 22nd that encourages both of these aspects.

Fridays will look a little different at the gym: We will be running a 6:00am and noon class each week, during this time you can come in and learn some strategies for the workout, practice the movements, and get some extra coaching.  These two classes will run more like an open gym.  We will have some mobility and movement drills that are designed to enhance not fatigue your Open performance. If you are unable to join us for our Friday Night Lights, then you will be able to perform the workout during these classes.

Friday from roughly 4pm-6pm will be a time where we encourage EVERYONE to come in and preform the workout under our Friday Night Lights. We will have judges there to help score workouts. Fellow athletes will be there to cheer you on, and you’ll have the opportunity to return the favor. This is a time as a CrossFit Infiltrate community where we can all support one another and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Additionally, we will implement a team aspect to The Open for CFI this year.  All of those who sign up and participate in The Open will be split into two teams and will gain points towards their team total for various aspects including: participating in Friday Night Lights, bringing a non-member to watch, and performing a new movement!

Stay tuned for more news on the team aspect!

Again, register for The Open here:

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