Join us today at 11am and/or 5pm at the gym. We have the 4th floor terrace for grilling and 3rd floor lounge reserved as well as our own spaces for dinner. Just bring a friend and a side. Listed below, you will see some last minute ideas for sides, and feel free to post what you’re bringing on the Facebook page. So whether it’s your mother or your significant other, join us in the spirit of Thankfulness downtown tonight! Darts, indoor cornhole, games and more!

  • Gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Rolls/Cornbread
  • Bacon Green Beans
  • Desserts/Pies
  • Something from your home land!


And let me tell what this is all about folks. Most of you know Zane, our beloved, man-of-few-words-chew-in-his-mouth-country-music-playing-shirt-off-nice-abs coach we got. Here’s what he has to say in light of our present season, “I am thankful for CrossFit because it has introduced me to a different kind of lifestyle that I truly enjoy. I am thankful for a gym that I can call home, full of folks that I can now call family. I am very thankful for one young lady in particular, that has truly made my life better.” Becca would be proud.

And check out this interesting perspective from Griffin, “This Thanksgiving will be my first as a CrossFit coach. As such, I am thankful for something a little different. I am thankful for the members that make it a point to come in everyday, whether they have to get up early to come in before work/school or spend all day at work/school and then come straight to the gym. I am thankful for the members that bring energy and enthusiasm to the gym every time they walk in. I am thankful for the community that has built between us all, inside the gym and out. All of these things make coaching at the gym a pleasure.”

I echo these remarks and am preparing my own Thanksgiving blog post for you all.

Now for the 11am workout!

Bring warm clothes, think sweat pants, and don’t be afraid, just come on in!

Large group workout fit for all levels.


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