New Year!

Don’t you just love the New Year? It’s like a breath of fresh air. New starts, new healthy habits, positive changes, etc.  I’m excited to learn more about the challenge Jared has coming our way.  

The yogis are big fans of bettering yourself both physically and mentally.  Last summer, we studied the Yamas and Niyamas to improve our well-being. I think the New Year is a good time to bring that up again.  While making changes to improve our health is important, it’s also important not to get resolutioned away. Don’t let the New Year and the pressure of resolutions convince you that your life is inadequate as it is right now.  

Here’s some signs that New Years Resolutions may be affecting you in a negative way:

1. You say things aloud or in your head like “I’ll be happier when ____ happens.” 
2.  You see  that someone else made a list of 10-12 resolutions and think “I should make more changes.”
3.  You see someone else’s resolutions and thought “Oh crap, if Mark wants to learn to do bar muscle ups, maybe I should be learning to do bar muscle ups.” 
4.  You thought “Oh, I need to come up with a really cool impressive resolution so everyone knows I’m working hard.”

Do what’s right for you.  Make goals that are what you want, not what you think is expected of you. And above all-practice gratitude.  Be grateful for what you have while working for what you want.

NEXT WEEK ONLY: Yoga will be Wednesday at 7pm rather than Monday. Sorry, I have a really cool opportunity I hope to share with you all soon!


Yogi Becca

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