Put the Donut Down!

Yogic Principle: Self-Discipline

The practice of self-discipline is probably the hardest yogic principle to practice (in my opinion). It requires courage, persistence, saying no to delicious creme filled baked goods, and trust….all in combination to get us to where we want to be. We practice self-discipline daily, we use it as a “staying power,” and we use to it make hard decisions. I shall elaborate below. Anyone else want a donut now?

Daily Basis: Ya’ll know you should eat your veggies, go to bed at a reasonable hour, go to the gym, and mind your Ps and Qs. Do you always? These are tasks that come up everyday and we must practice self-discipline to provide our minds and bodies with what they need to prosper. The consistency of self-discipline over time will give us some great results.

CrossFit: Johnnie came back from the far East just before the Open began. I remember watching her do 17.4 against Clara and she had a hard time with the deadlifts of 155# and was pretty frustrated afterwards. If you’ve seen Johnnie lately, you know how self-discipline in her diet and fitness regimen has made some incredible changes. Last week I watched her snatch only 10# less than that damn deadlift. Hard work, diligence, and self-discipline pays off.

Staying Power: “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” Making lemonade out of lemons isn’t an easy path, but we’ve all heard stories of those people who had something terrible happen to them, but stuck with it, and came out fine, if not grateful. Self-discipline is the ability to stay in the unknown and unpleasantness rather than run in fear. Team USA Weightlifter Jessica Lucera posted a while back that “injuries are your body’s way of making you address its weaknesses.” Home girl has some staying power. Injuries are the perfect example to work on something that you’ve ignored a little too long.

CrossFit: Jared and I did a Parallette program after my first knee surgery. This was beneficial in several ways. 1. It kept me from going crazy by giving me something to do. 2. I can actually do more than like 2 push ups in a row now. 3. I realized what a freak Jared is for being able to flip himself upside down on those things. Regardless, lemonade ya’ll. #beyonce

Decision-Making: Self-discipline can be practiced through decision -making. I SAID PUT THAT DONUT DOWN! It can also be practiced in decisions that have a lot more uncertainty and more on the line than chocolate sprinkles. Decisions to leave a relationship, for example, are not easy ones to make. We practice self-discipline by staying true to ourselves and what we believe and by making those tough decisions.

Go forth and be disciplined little yogis. Until next time…

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