The Open

What is The CrossFit Open?

1.) The Open is the first stage of a world-wide fitness competition.  For those who see CrossFit as a sport, The Open is the first of three stages to prove you are the “Fittest on Earth”.  The Open is a five week competition open to anyone; each week one workout is released on Thursday night at 8PM.  Hundreds of thousands of people will perform this workout between Thursday and Monday at 8PM when scores must be submitted. For the top 20 men, women, and teams in each region, Regionals are the next stage.  After the Regionals weekend, the top athletes from each region continue on to the CrossFit Games. 

There is no hiding: it is the first opportunity you have during the CrossFit season to “Prove Your Fitness.” If you plan to go to Regionals, make sure you video every rep of every workout because this is now legit folks. You will also get a real sense of how good some of those top athletes are. You will actually be competing against the best in the world. Girls, you’ll be going up against Tia-Clair Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Camille. Men, you will go head-to-head with Matt Fraser, Rich Froning, and Ben Smith. I am now more appreciative of their greatness.

To register for the Open and see your scores up against the greatest in the world, as well as, fellow athletes at Crossfit Infiltrate go to:

2.) The Open is an opportunity to be vulnerable, face your fears, and compete at whatever level. Every Open workout has an RX and Scaled division, so wherever you are at on your CrossFit journey, the Open is accessible. I competed in my very first CrossFit Open in a country that did not have one single CrossFit Affiliate period. Yes, I had to travel 4 hours at certain points to find equipment just to do the workout, but it was accessible. It was and is certainly more accessible than any other sporting event out there. 

Just because I don’t plan on winning any foot races doesn’t mean I don’t sign up for the occasional race to run with a friend, push myself a bit, and enjoy the community that surrounds me. And so The Open is for many. It’s a great time to get together, push yourself just a little harder with a little more focus.

Ultimately we do CrossFit because we get something out of it. Though the “it” may vary from person to person, we all appreciate overcoming difficulty and coming out stronger on the other side. We persevere through the difficulty of the workout, and this is enhanced during an Open workout.

And though people will take these workouts at different levels of seriousness, we will, at least at some point, find ourselves at that vulnerable point where that destructive voice will pop into our head, the voice that says to give up, to take it easy, to give into the pain. But with that voice comes a choice, and we resolve to conquer. Many will set new PRs, whether it comes by hitting your first toe-to-bar or by scoring a top-100 score in the world, we all share in the victory as a team.

3.) The Open is a team event which galvanizes a community by creating and deepening real relationships. We suffer together and we share in victory together. We cheer one another on. We care about others. Something special happens when you suffer with someone (just ask my wife). Something real happens when you receive encouragement. Many of our limitations are self-imposed, and through genuine encouragement, we are able to break free of some of those limitations. You are capable of more than you believe, others see it, now go do it.

Of course you will be nervous, but as it has been said, courage is not the absence of fear, but the resolve to not be bound by it. I would often not sleep the night before I attempted an Open WOD, and in a weird way, I enjoyed the ride. It is a fun venture. Sure there may be a disappointment here or there, but overall, it is good. It will bring us together.

Stay tuned for more details about The Open! T-minus 10 Days!


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