What it means to be well rounded

Coach Johnnie:  This week we are chatting about working on our weaknesses.  The beauty of CrossFit is that we specialize in not specializing, we try to be pretty good at everything, that means we have to work on what we are bad at, and sometimes that is not fun.  The advice that Becca gives at the end of this blog is something that I did a year ago and it helped me assess where I was at and what I need to work on.  We just finished Murph and maybe some of us already have goals for next year, maybe we want to be able to RX a new moment next year that we didn’t this year.  Nancy completed Murph this year for the first time RX and Mark’s goal was to ware a weight vest for Murph and he crushed it!  We all continue to have room to grow year after year!  What will next year look like for you?

 Becca P: Ok, we’ve been over this. As athletes, we love WODs that exhibit our strengths and hate the ones that showcase our weaknesses.

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