Why Can’t You Be More Like Tia?

Yogic Principle: Surrender

Think about the last time you told someone you had a “bad day” or “one of those days.” What was it that made the day “bad?”

I thought about this myself and thought of last Monday. This is what made it “bad:”

1. Work related bs (coworkers, no respect for time, late to meetings because of it, etc)

2. Chick Fil-A was closed and I wanted nuggets

3. A lady yelled at me in the parking garage for parking “too close.” (Guys, I was between the lines).

4. Someone on Poshmark cancelled their order from me and it deleted the post and months of work.

Literally as I type this out I’m laughing at myself. None of these things are bad. I’m lucky to have a job that gives me independence, respect, and pays the bills. I have plenty of food at home. I’m lucky to have a car to drive and a parking pass. I sold the item on eBay earlier this week.

The truth is, what we consider “bad days” are when life doesn’t go as planned or as we wished. The best thing we can do about these bad days is surrender.

Surrender is releasing. Having expectations and fighting life creates tension and rigidity. By releasing, or relaxing, we can begin to act more skillfully, carrying less burden and tension.

CrossFit: Have you ever tried to workout when you were tense? Chances are, it didn’t go very well. Russ said to me a few weeks ago after the Burpee/Deadlift workout that he wishes he could feel more relaxed during workouts as he thinks he would move better and more like Jared. Russ is right. We’re more likely to move better, think faster, and lift heaver with a mind that is surrendered.

Surrender is engaging. Whitewater rafters use the raging waves to their advantage, going with the flow, but skillfully manipulating themselves downstream. Similarly, we must do the same in life. Fighting life and demanding that things go our way is a disastrous attitude which wreaks havoc in our minds.

CrossFit: The CrossFit games were great this year. I love that they were hosted in the Midwest and that there were some new faces on the podium (led by some familiar favorites). Games athletes don’t get the luxury of having all their WODs released ahead of time. They must do whatever is thrown at them and embrace it to have a shot at performing optimally.

Surrender is accepting. We can’t control life. Maybe you believe in a Higher Power, or maybe not. Regardless, you can’t argue that many things in life are out of your hands. Accept the things you cannot change. Address them as opportunities to learn, grow, and skillfully move through life.

CrossFit: There are countless stories of CrossFit Games athletes who overcame bad finishes. Katrin failed to qualify in 2015. Tia barely lost in 2016. Annie suffered heat stroke in 2015 and a mediocre finish in 2016. Mat Fraser lost to Ben Smith in 2015. They are Games athletes not only because of their physical strength, but their mental strength. They have staying power. They practice acceptance and surrender. All these athletes came back and kicked ass.

Practice surrendering. Practice acceptance. Be the best version of yourself.

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